How do you earn your money?

Blockchain technology, crypto currency and mining. We have our own capacities and rented ones. In the future constructing of additional capacities.

How can I earn?

Once you here, mean you already registered on our website. You can add funds to your account, choose the tariff of your own and earn.

What tariffs do you have?

Silver - Month - Min 500$ Max 10,000$ on 8% profit
Gold - Three months - Min 1000$ Max 100,000$ on 36% profit
Platinum - Year - Min 5000$ Max 1,000,000$ on 218% profit
Also we adding promo tariffs, follow the news on of our company.

How can I trust you?

We have several registered legal entities in different countries, several offices and mining farms. For our Platinum clients we arranging a tour to our facilities. Above all that we have many satisfied clients (you can find them on social pages)

What are the risks?

You can at any time get your money back (but you will loose your precent if you haven't reached the deadline). The most serious risk if at one point blockchain, crypto currency and all that is connected with in it the hole world is banned.

How can I deposit money?

We have several deposit systems for adding money to your balance in personal cabinet. We accept both money and crypto currency.

How can I withdraw funds?

Through the same systems that you added. Our customers more often prefer to withdraw by crypto currency.

Do you have a presentation?

Yes you can see it through this link